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Taloja, Maharashtra, India !

Setting benchmarks in the market by serving quality Container Boxes, Caravans, Refrigerator Container, Dry Container, Truck Body, Insulated Containers and many other products...


About Us

Dolma Container Manufacturing (I) Pvt. Ltd., was founded in 2016 with a vision to cater to the specific requirements of clients and exceed their expectations by providing high quality products that are unlike any other in the market. We are a Manufacturer of a wide range of high quality products including Refrigerated Truck Containers, Customized Containers And Vehicle Bodies, Container Truck Bodies, Laboratory Vans and Reefer Trucks. The 26 adept professionals we have employed possess in depth knowledge about the domain and work towards creating products that they can feel proud of.  Starting out with a capital of only INR 1.5 Crores, we are today capable of manufacturing 40 units of offered range and have attained annual turnover of INR 2 Crores within the very first year of operations.

Manufacturing Process

The production of excellence results from the amalgamation of sound engineering principles and an urge to provide the best. In order to achieve the perfection we so deeply desire, we have equipped our production facility with sophisticated equipment and implements that aid in achieving an end product that reflects our vision to become the best. We make use of the following in order to ensure that our offerings remain a cut above the rest in the market:

  • Polyurethane painting along with an epoxy priming in order to ensure an even finish and protect the surface.
  • Use of MIG welding in order to make certain that the structure has the highest integrity.
  • Use of lightweight materials and modern design philosophies to ensure strength as well as maximum payload.
  • All the production tasks take place at our 1100 sq. mtr. sprawling production unit with the help of MIG wire welding & cutting machines, standard drill and GS & Fixture.

Competitive Advantages

We believe in the saying, Time lost, is an opportunity lost" and thus strive to create products that are highly reliable and help crunch deadlines. A growing business requires dependability more than anything else, we thus strive to make certain that our products are of the highest quality by making use of the best components. modern technology and extensive testing. Some of our competitive advantages are as follows:

  • Our products are build in accordance with international standards.
  • The focus on quality which we are known for can be seen in the long service life of our offerings.
  • We subject our products to extensive testing that helps make certain that they are thoroughly engineered and in keeping with the expectations of our clients and the company.
  • The wide range of product we offer has helped us evolve into a one stop shop for a variety of products and services that cater to a wide range of sectors.

Maximum Functionality & Usability

Our products are created keeping in mind their functional aspects, this has allowed us to provide offerings that are designed for a purpose rather than beauty. This philosophy can be seen in our finesse at accommodating a livable house into a vehicle. Combining the mobility of an automobile with the comfort of a house has resulted in a home away from home.

Well Designed Vehicles

Design is the most important aspect of any project, we have maintained an ethos that focuses on functional design that is not only purposeful but also extends a style that is unique to our offerings. Our engineers and designers work hand in hand in order to achieve a design that is seamless and extend a character that is rarely found in the offerings of our peers. 

Design & Development

In order to create products that are in keeping with clients' specifications, we use the latest design tools that have empowered us to achieve excellence and amaze our customers. These tools have aided in testing our products and in ensuring their reliability and precision crafting.

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